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All the professional treatments offered by CHLOE&EDDIE are designed for luxury handbag brands ranging from Hermes,  Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Prada and many more...To enquire about the suitability of your handbag, please contact us.



Brands We Service:

Hermes. Chanel. Louis Vuitton. Dior. Goyard. Celine. Gucci. Fendi. Bottega Veneta. Saint Laurent. Burberry. Balenciaga. Chloe. Prada. Coach. 



 If you’re just looking for the answer to the question ‘Is my handbag authentic?’ we'll put in the same level of research into our investigation and provide you with a simple yes or no response. 


Entrupy Certificate

Entrupy Certificate (Digital&Physical Certification)


Luxury Cleaning

CHLOE&EDDIE develops a professional & Unique cleaning system delivering  results like no other in your local laundry service. We deal with every single bag individually to make sure that we remove most of the dirt and grim off it. We clean all types of leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, and canvas. Please note: problems such as colour wear will not be rectified with this treatment and we cannot guarantee full removal of stains from fabrics.

handbag luxury spa in melbourne

Interior Lining Cleaning

We regularly clean stains from pens, make-up, food and other everyday items from the inside of bags. 
*Please note: we cannot guarantee full removal of stains from fabric interiors. Some leather interiors can be rectified with colour.

suede cleaning

Suede Cleaning

We regularly clean stains from pens, make-up, food and other everyday items from the inside of bags. 
*Please note: we cannot guarantee full removal of stains from suede interiors.

Patent Leather Cleaning

Patent Leather Cleaning

We are able to clean away light surface dirt and improve the shine on patent leather by professional products.
*Please note: removal of stains cannot be guaranteed and is often impossible on patent leather. In some cases changing colour to black is the best solution to eliminate dark stains.

Dye Transfer Stains melbourne

Dye Transfer Stains

These are often caused by new jeans staining a white or light coloured handbag. We have professional products to remove the dye transfer, and even better we'll apply a treatment afterwards to stop it staining the leather again.
*Please note: we can 100% remove dye transfer on all types of leather. The results on Suede and Fabric vary.

Luxury silk cleaning

Luxury Silk Cleaning

We have specialist products to remove stain from silk.
*Please note: 100% stain removal cannot be guaranteed with this treatment, but significant reductions can be achieved.

Luxury Leather Protection

Luxury Leather Protection

Taking care of your Handbag is the most important thing you can do to ensure your beloved handbags always remain in good condition.

Suitable materials are including Leather, Lambskin, Suede, Nubuck, Velvet, and some Fabrics. 

rusty removal

Rusty Removal

CHLOE&EDDIE offers professional rusty removal treatment to bring up the natural shine of metal hardware.
*Please note: this treatment will clean off surface dirt and remove a few scratches from metal surface, but it does not bring back any colour loss to the metal itself.


Colour Restoration

CHLOE&EDDIE provides professional leather repair and restoration services to breathe life back to your handbag.

colour restore

Colour Restore

Our specially trained technicians are able to  match a wide array of different colours in order to achieve the best results.

Colour restoration is a perfect  treatment for rectifying sunlight damage, colour wear, colour fading, discolouration and all over staining etc. 

leather Color Touchup australia

Colour Touch Up

If the colour wear or loss just affects a small specific area, colour touch up will be best treatment. 
*Please note: a colour restoration may be required if the colour wear or loss affects multiple areas on the item.

handbag colour change

Colour Change

Normally we recommend changing the colour from a lighter one to a darker one for the best finish.


Vachetta Stain Removal

CHLOE&EDDIE develops an unique  treatment to remove the stain from the vachetta and retain the look, touch and feel of a Vachetta leather.
*Please note: this treatment does not guarantee to restore vachetta back to its original colour.

chanel style chain strape

Chanel Strap Restoration

This treatment includes unthreading the leather from the chain, Cleaning and colour restoration to the strap and Re-threading.
*Please note: we will charge extra for colour restoration to the hardware.



CHLOE&EDDIE offers professional leather repair services to bring back the glory of  your handbag.

Bag Scratch Repair in melbourne

Scratch Repair

Our experienced repairers are trained to deal with small detailing with great techniques and patience. This treatment includes the repair of any surface damage on the leather.
*Please note: a colour restoration or colour touch up is required alongside this treatment.

Bag edging re wax

Edging Re-wax

The Edging Re-wax treatment can match the original colour of the edging and replace all cracked areas by extremely flexible edge coating. Then you can see a lovely waxed edge.


Strap Replacement

If you have damaged your handles or straps beyond repair we can make you a pair of new ones. We can match the size and colour exactly.

Please note: we can not get the new vachetta to match the colour of old one.New vachetta always shows the lighter colour.



All stitching repairs we provided are carried out by hand. Our professionl technicians stitch back through the existing holes, striving the highest standard of finish for your item.



This treatment includes removing hardware from the bag,  cleaning haredware, re-plating the hardware in gold or silver and re-attaching it to the bag.