We guarantee our work and material for 3 months from the day Your Item is collected/delivered.


The length of time required to properly carry out Our Services can vary from 1-6 weeks. The variation is down to the type of Service required.

  • The removal of ink stains, grease stains and the darkening of handles will take several months to complete. This is due to the cleaning process required to fix these problems and is carried out daily over this time period.


Refunds will be made for reasonable dissatisfaction/ and the job will be guaranteed, an assessment will be made for any dissatisfaction. All work is attempted in good faith with our specialist.


As a cleaning, repair & restoration service, any Item that is sent to us in a damaged and devalued state.

We will not be held liable for:

  • Any damage to, or defect in, an item which we have not been contracted to work on.

  • Delays or failures which are due to any cause beyond our reasonable control.

  • Failed repairs due to inherent problems with the material or structure of the item.

  • The ‘loss of value’ against manufacturer original models after the service has been carried out.

  • Any other part of a set that the Item may have been part of, and we will only be liable for the Item.

  • Any damage which is not related to or caused by our Services.

  • While we employ industry standard techniques and proprietary materials, we do not warrant use of, or employment of, manufacturer original materials or processes. Where original materials are not available, parts and colours will be matched as closely as possible to the original – or the agreed specification (such as colour matched to a particular part of the Item).

  • The loss or damage of any accessories, such as dust bags, locks, credit cards etc. that are not listed in the Service Order Form that We provided initially before the Service.

  • If an item is repaired to a reasonably satisfactory standard, no liability will be accepted for depreciation in value.


  • After applying some of our services to your handbag, the texture may slightly change from the original. The worse the condition is, the more products we need to apply and so the higher chance and degree the texture might change. During our process, we make every effort possible to restore an item to its original state.

  • When leather ages naturally through everyday use, it can develop a shiny look that will disappear with leather cleaning procedures. Such loss is not an adverse effect as it restores the leather to how it initially was. We accept no liability for a complaint in such circumstances. The aged look can be added with additional services if required.

  • With full restoration, we will match the colour to the least affected parts of the item that is usually found on the inside of a pocket, the interior of the item or in an area that has not been or had little exposure to sunlight and wears & tear, unless the client specifies a different colour at the beginning of the order.

  • With partial restoration, we will refer to the surrounding area for the shade to help it blend in better. We will always clean the full item before doing this to help even the tone as much as possible. However, if this item has defects in other areas, our process may highlight these defects.

  • Adhesives, imperfections, and faults which were previously camouflaged in manufacture may become more apparent after the cleaning process, and although every care is taken, we cannot always disguise natural flaws or remove adhesives entirely, or other techniques employed by the manufacturer. All items are therefore only accepted by us for cleaning at your own risk.

  • With age over the term of use, leather, fabric or suede material handbags can become worn and discoloured. The dirt on the bag can sometimes hide this wear & tear, and our cleaning process can expose it. If this happens on leather, you will be notified and offered to upgrade your service to restore the colour to these areas. It is not our cleaning process that has caused this damage, and so we will not be liable for it.

  • We do not guarantee the removal of any persistent stains. Linings that are heavily soiled may be difficult to clean to a satisfactorily level.

  • The basic price of cleaning does not include the removal of heavy or ingrained stains.

  • If a stain cannot be removed, we will match the colour of the bag and apply a coat of colour over the stain to hide it. This process is only possible in leather and cannot be done on Suede, Nubuck, Canvas or Fabric. This service is not included in the price of cleaning.

  • Suede/Nubuck - some types of stains may not be removable, as of the nature of the material, significant improvement may not be possible.