All items that you wish to consign must be in clean and sell-able condition. Items cannot have any stains, pulls or missing buttons. Items must be smoke-free and free of pet hair. We may decline to accept items or return items for several reasons including:

  • Brands are not ones we sell or are too dated

  • There are slight imperfections or alterations were made to the item

  • The items have not been cleaned

  • The items are showing greater signs of wear than what we accept


  • All items submitted must be 100% authentic, non stolen and not counterfeit or imitation goods.

  • This agreement shall have a term of 90 days. If you wish to pick up any of your items before the 90-day contract you must give a 5-day notice. After the 90 days, CHLOE&EDDIE will contact you via email or phone if we determine the unsold item(s) should be removed from inventory. The consignor must pick those items up within 14 days of notification

  • CHLOE&EDDIE will price your items depending on designer label, demand, style, store inventory and current trends.

  • Consigned items will be kept with us for a minimum period of 45 days unless otherwise negotiated with the consignor. If the item has not sold after 45 days, we may contact the consignor and discuss reducing the price of the item.

  • The Consignor reserves the right to collect their item if they change their mind and no longer wish to sell with us. There is an early withdrawal fee of $120 if consigned items withdrawn early before the 45 days.


CHLOE&EDDIE accepts only original, authentic designer items for consignment. By submitting your items for consignment, you, the consignor attest to the authenticity of all items you wish to consign and that they are not counterfeit or replica. Consigned items deemed to be not authentic will be returned to you and you will be charged a $150 return fee and you agree to return the full amount paid to you by CHLOE&EDDIE if you received payment for the sold item.


Item Value 0 -$1000: $120 Flat Rate ; $1000-$10000: 12% ; $10000 Plus: 10%